AFL (Click for website)

AFL is a manufacturer for the communications industry serving the broadband/CCTV, electric utility, PNG, OEM, Telco and wireless industry.

Atras Network Communications

Atras manufactures category cable, coaxial cable, voice & data, connectivity, residential prpoducts, cable assemblies and wireless.

Hubbell Premise Wiring

Hubbell manufactures cables used for networks and phones; fiber optic, copper, coaxial, ethernet, Cat3, Cat5, and Cat6 cabling and connectors for every need.

Ideal Industries

Ideal manufactures a wide variety of equipment  for the voice and data, security, and electrical markets, including wire connectors, fish tapes, benders, lube and puling compound, tools testers, meters, and wire management product.

Optical Cable Corporation

Optical Cable manufactures fiber optic cables primarily for the enterprise market.  OCC fiber optic cables can be used both indoors and outdoors and utilize a unique tight-buffered coating process that provides excellent mechanical and environmental protection for optical fiber.