AFL (Click for website)

AFL is a manufacturere for the communications industry serving the breadband/CATV, electric utility, PNG, OEM, Telco and wireless industry.

Atras Network Communications

Atras manufactures category cable, coaxial cable, voice & data, connectivity, seridential products, cable assemblies and wireless.

Great Lakes Enclosures

Great Lakes Case & Cabinet is a leading manufacturer of reacks, wall mount and free-standing enclosures, technical furniture/command center systems and accessories for the data, communication, broadcast, sound and security industries.

Hellermann Tyton

Hellermann provides solutions for networking indentifying and managing wire, cable and components.

Hubbell Premise Wiring

Hubbell cables are used for networks and phones; fiber optic, copper, coaxial, ethernet, Cat3, Cat5, and Cat6 cabling and connectors for every need residential applications.

Leviton Telcom

Leviton manufactures equipment dedicated to producing complete systems solutions for network infrastructure from the backbone to the workstation to creat the best most intgrated network possible.

Signamax Connectivity Systems

Sinamax is a supplier of premise and network connectivity products.


Suttle manufacatures the connections for voice, data, and video communications in commercial and residential applications.